Resin rubbing kit Queen Victoria

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Resin rubbing kit Queen VictoriaThis resin rubbing kit for the Queen Victoria is based on the portrait evidence rather than being a facsimile of an original brass. Can be used to demonstrate the propaganda value in portrait evidence. We also offer Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, mary queen of scots, Charles I and the Black Prince in this style. Students enjoy making their own rubbings. Although supplied with a small rubbing wax these are just as easily made using a soft pencil. If you also purchase one of the facsimile brasses a useful comparison can be made on their relative reliability ie. are invented 'brasses' such as these as good as the facsimilies? Would it be better to go to the portrait evidence? Does it matter who made or supplied these and for what purpose? The more of these items you have the easier it is to use them in a classroom situation as students will be impatient to 'have a go'. Works well when used as a reward at the end of a lesson for students who have completed work early.

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